#33 Sex Therapy For SuperDads With Helena Nista

#33 Sex Therapy For SuperDads With Helena Nista

On this episode, we are joined by Helena Nista, a sex therapist, coach, and tantra practitioner.

She loves nothing more than helping clients to become the best lovers they can possibly be, overcome any sexual difficulties, and create great sex lives. To learn more about why so many men are unhappy with their sex lives, and find answers a whole host of questions from our community on this important topic, I invited Helena to talk to us on The SuperDad Show.

You can connect with Helena by visiting her website, www.helenanista.com.

1:15 The importance of sexual intimacy beyond procreation of our children.

1:30 How much experience does Helena have working with parents?

1:34 Are they the majority of her clients?

  • Sex is a natural part of a loving relationship

3:05 What are the main reasons they find themselves in sexless marriages?

8:54 Children change a relationship

10:20 Communicating resentments with your partner

10:40 "Non-violent communication"

  • Distinguish between want or need

13:32 Do women need more of an emotional connection ot feel turned on?

14:20 Is porn the reason that men do not require emotional connection?

16:15 With the difference in feelings and desires how do we connect?
16:34 What strategies can a man use to help his partner heal?

20:11 Juggling different sex drives

23:12 Shame with nakedness and poor body image

26:25 What is the best way to start a discussion about sex exploration with a new partner?

28:25 Partner says she has no desire because of menopause but he suspects that is not the real reason.

30:53 How to have a difficult conversation?

33:10 How much sex is normal?

36:45 Core values of a strong and healthy relationship

39:32 Do men value sex too much?

41:15 Does a lack of sex end a relationship?

43:07 How to contact Helena