#17 Going Through Splitsville With Clarissa Rayward

#17 Going Through Splitsville With Clarissa Rayward

On this episode, we are joined by SuperMum of 2 young kids, Clarissa Rayward, a devoted wife and divorce lawyer with a busy practice in sunny Brisbane, Australia.
Clarissa is an accredited specialist in family law, collaborative law, and mediation. She help families. She coaches other lawyers on how to keep it all together and get through depression and anxiety.
Clarissa has seen the impact that separation and divorce has on families thousands of times.
She is on a mission to provide a new path for families that minimizes the emotional and physical toll and distress of divorce.
I ask Clarissa some specific questions from a number of our SuperDad members.
We talk about the grieving process that proceeds a marriage breakup. We talk about how to be the best Dad to your kids moving forward.
In 2016, Clarissa released the book Splitsville - How To Separate, Stay Out Of Court & Stay Friends.
Clarissa has also given you the opportunity to download her book, Splitsville, for FREE! You will get sooooo much out of it!!
Download it now. Seriously!
Simply go to www.thehappyfamilylawyer.com/splitsvilleebook and enter the discount code freesplitsvilleebook at checkout.
Get your copy today and get in touch with Clarissa.
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