#29 God Is The Greatest SuperDad With Jeff Mask And Kirk Masters

#29 God Is The Greatest SuperDad With Jeff Mask And Kirk Masters

On this episode, we are joined by not one, but two amazing SuperDads of 4 children. Jeff Mask and Kirk Masters are devoted husbands, strong men of faith, and successful entrepreneurs who are doing their best every day to become the greatest version of themselves for their family.

Jeff and Kirk have both overcome some incredible adversity in their lives. They speak candidly on this show about how these trials have shaped them into the father, husband, and man they are today. They offer up wisdom to help us love what is in front of us with more gratitude. Their stories will hopefully inspire you, just as they have me, to live with even greater prupose as SuperDads, driven by service and faith.

When I heard Jeff speak on stage at the Digital Marketer Down Under event, telling his story and introducing a company called JJUMPP, I immediately knew he would be a fantastic guest for the show. I then met Kirk when I arrived to link up with Jeff and arrange the interview.

Both men have passionately helped to build JJUMPP from the ground up after many years working together at Infusionsoft. It is a platform that makes our online presence easier to manage by organising our social media, online reviews, and business listing into one place. And I have to say, I am very impressed with what I've seen already of it and look forward to utilizing JJUMPP fully in the near future with their help. You can find out more about it now by going to www.jjumpp.com.

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