#21 Curing A Condition Called Divorce Part 2 - Parenting With Dr. George Blair-West

On this episode, we continue our conversation with Dr. George Blair-West but we change our focus to talking about the kids.

Please Note: If you haven't listened to episode 20, part 1 of this interview yet, start there first so you get the full picture.

Dr. George shares with parents how to help their children deal with divorce. He shares valuable insight into rules and discipline in our homes. He encourages us to spend one on one time with each of our kids and explains why it's so important. He seeks to inspire all parents to STEP UP and be the best role model they can be to their kids.

Dr. George has a Ted Talk titled Preventing Divorce - Top 3 Life Hacks For Singles that you will find on Youtube here:

Download Dr. George's new book, The Way Of The Quest here:

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