What Do Dads Need?

What Do Dads Need?

Written on 02/13/2019
By Kim Strong

The answer is actually very simple -

Dads need a quality set of values and principles, a clear life plan, and the skill set to achieve their goals and build great relationships with the people around them.
Getting that simple solution past the ego and selfishness of men is the challenge. It is why it's so important for any member of our organisation to spend time on the very basics of what SuperDads Online is about and what it stands for.
I was very fortunate to have lived in Rhodesia and served in the army. We learnt to treat our hardships, limitations and disadvantages with a contempt that is not evident in today's society. When a challenge presented itself, we found solutions and never doubted our ability to do so and move on. I was surrounded by people adept at identifying the cause of a problem and dealing with it swiftly and effectively. I think being a Dad is the same.

The fundamental change has to be our attitude towards self, and life in general.


If a Dads' attitude changes and he works on his virtue, ie holding himself to the highest moral standard, he can then take control of his life. To change the things he can, and accept things he can't.
In other words, effecting changes on himself will enable him to be a SuperDad whose children will thrive despite any problems that arise. It won't matter if he has no money or a broken body or an unfaithful wife because he will be able to put it into perspective and deal with the truly important things first, most notably his responsiblity to be a great role model to his kids.
This will give him purpose and meaning - a reason to wake up in the morning, go to work, and achieve that sense of satisfaction that comes with feeling that his life is in balance.
It doesn't have to be perfect or right, but it does need to be in balance in respect to his spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well being.
Striving to be a SuperDad isn't easy...but it's worth it!
Let's work together to make being a great Dad simpler by building a deeper understanding of our shared values and principles, designing your own clear life plan, and developing the skill set you need to achieve your goals and build great relationships with the people around you.